Meeting to SB 907, SB 960, SB 1032 and SB 1181

Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 | 12:30 p.m.

Main Capitol, Room 461


Meeting to consider bills


Senate Bill 907 P.N. 1151 (Yaw)—Creates a fifteen-member Animal Welfare Board to review related laws and regulations and make recommendations to the General Assembly.

  • Amendment A03845 (Yaw)—Updates and clarifies members of the board.

Senate Bill 960 P.N. 1249 (J. Ward)—Repeals Act 215 of 1965, The Frozen Dessert Law, and amends Title 3 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes with Frozen Dessert Safety sanitation standards and related penalties.

Senate Bill 1032 P.N. 1340 (Schwank)—Amends Title 3 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes to create the Agricultural Commodity Indemnity Fund, providing for licensing and regulation of agricultural commodity handlers, including penalties and enforcement.

Senate Bill 1181 P.N. 1537 (Brooks)—Creates the Whole Milk in Pennsylvania Schools Act to allow Pennsylvania milk to be purchased for consumption in the Commonwealth’s schools

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